EP Netherlands

With a cumulative capacity of 2.6 GW, EP NL has become the third largest operator of power plants in the Netherlands.

The supply of electricity from renewable energy sources is increasing rapidly. Low-emission ,modern gas-fired power plants provide the necessary flexible power to the energy system. Thanks to the flexibility of the power plants, we can respond quickly to changing market conditions such as gas prices, renewable energy sources and network conditions.

Electricity production from low-emission gas-fired power plants is necessary to guarantee security of supply at all times. EP NL ensures a stable energy supply in the complex energy transition. EP Netherlands is part of the EP Power Europe (EPPE).

EP Power Europe

EP Power Europe (EPPE) is a subsidiary of Energetický and průmyslový holding (EPH). By investing in low-emission energy generation, EPH plays an important role towards a climate-neutral and energy-independent EU. By 2021, 78% of EPH’s net assets was already produced from low-carbon from zero-intensive sources, such as solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, biomass and natural gas). EPH is expanding the share of such power generation in its current portfolio. By 2030, EPH’s CO2 emissions will be 60% based on 2021

EP Power Europe was established in 2016 by grouping several European assets into one subsidiary. The group is growing steadily through new acquisitions and is one of the top 10 largest European energy companies. Want to know more about EP Power Europe? Click here.

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