EP NL strengthens its energy portfolio with the purchase of MaasStroom power plant and acquisition of 50% in Enecogen power plant

Middelburg, 23.05.2023

EP Netherlands (EP NL), the Dutch subsidiary of EP Power Europe, a division of Czech energy utility company EPH, has signed an agreement with Castleton Commodities International LLC (CCI) on 23 May 2023 to acquire (a stake in) two gas-fired power plants.

MaasStroom, a gas-fired power plant in Rotterdam (Pernis) with an installed capacity of 426
MW will become a wholly owned subsidiary of EP NL. Enecogen is a gas-fired power plant in
Rotterdam (Europoort) with an installed capacity of 910 MW. EP NL has acquired a 50% stake
in this plant. Dutch energy company Eneco N.V. continues to own the remaining 50% stake.

In January 2023, EP NL announced the acquisition of the Sloe power plant (870 MW),
Rijnmond Power Plant (810 MW), PZEM Energy Company B.V. and PZEM Pipe. Through
these acquisitions, the company now operates a portfolio of four highly efficient gas-fired power plants. With a cumulative capacity of 2.6 GW, EP NL has become the third largest operator of power plants in the Netherlands

“With these four gas-fired power plants, trading, and supply business and especially the strong local team, we have laid a solid foundation for a long-term presence in the Netherlands”, says Peter Černák, member of the Board of Directors of EP Power Europe.

“We are very pleased to continue our expansion in the Dutch energy market for flexible
generation capacity. The supply of electricity from renewable energy sources is increasing
rapidly. Low-emission ,modern gas-fired power plants provide the necessary flexible power to
the energy system. EP NL is committed to the goals of the energy transition and aims to further improve the efficiency of its current assets”, says Niels Unger, CEO of EP NL

About EPH
EPH (Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s.) is an energy utility company from the Czech
Republic, consisting of two key pillars: EP Infrastructure and EP Power Europe. The EPH
group has been gradually growing with new acquisitions and is now one of the 10 largest
European energy companies by installed capacity. Within its balanced portfolio of natural gas,
hydro, nuclear, coal, solar, wind and biomass power plants, EPH manages a total installed
capacity of 14.4 GW. The group operates in nine European markets – Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the Czech Republic, France, and the Netherlands

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