PZEM, new supplier NS 


On Wednesday, September 6th, it was announced that PZEM, in combination with Shell, will provide NS with the supply of electricity for train operations starting from January 1st 2025. NS, on behalf of the rail sector (under the name of cooperative VIVENS and CIEBR), invited the tender. This is a provisional award, which will become final after a 3-week objection period. The contract includes the supply of no less than 1.46 TWh of electricity per year and will run until 2027. 

Niels Unger, CEO of EP NL, stating:

“We are very pleased with the confidence NS has in PZEM. With our employees, we confidently look forward to a successful collaboration in the future.“

Supply conditions
NS trains run climate-neutral by purchasing as many Guarantees of Origin (GVOs) on an annual basis as the amount of electricity they consume. The contract with NS states that PZEM supplies the electricity and Shell supplies GVOs that show where the power comes from. This guarantees that as much electricity is generated sustainably in Europe on an annual basis as NS consumes for running trains. 

About us 

In 2023, PZEM Energy Company (PZEM) joined the EPH group. PZEM is part of EP NL, a Dutch energy company focused on energy trading, the supply of electricity and gas, the management of a significant portfolio of sustainable PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements), as well as the operation of assets. This partnership brings together more than 100 years of experience in the energy sector and enables us to realise our shared ambitions as a reliable and ambitious player that actively contributes to shaping the future of the energy sector. With a cumulative capacity of 2.6 GW, EP NL has become one of the largest power plant operators in the Netherlands. Its modern, low-emission gas-fired power plants play a crucial role in providing the required flexible capacity to the energy system, allowing EP NL to react quickly to changing market conditions such as fluctuating prices, increasing renewable energy sources and changing grid conditions. 

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