Rijnmond and MaasStroom continue as EP NL Rijnmond


EP NL, the Dutch division of EP Power Europe and a subsidiary of Czech EPH, has owned the gas-fired Rijnmond Centrale and MaasStroom Centrale since 2023. As a result, on Feb. 19, 2024, the current name will be changed to EP NL Rijnmond.
As these are three different entities that will have a new unique statutory name, the name changes for each power plant are as follows:

  • EP NL Rijnmond Operations B.V. formerly Rijnmond Operations B.V.
  • EP NL Rijnmond 1 B.V. formerly Rijnmond Power Holding B.V. (power station)
  • EP NL Rijnmond 2 C.V. formerly MaasStroom C.V. (power station)

EP NL Rijnmond – our power plants
EP NL Rijnmond 1, with two gas turbines, is an efficient gas power plant with an installed capacity of 810 MW, connected to the grid via a 150 kV line at TenneT. EP NL Rijnmond 2, a clean gas power plant with an installed capacity of 426 MW. The power plant is equipped with a deNOx unit, making it one of the cleanest gas power plants in our country. The power plant is connected to the 380 kV grid of the TenneT switching station at Simonshaven via a 13 km underground connection.

For more information about our power plants, please visit our website at EP NL Rijnmond centrale or view the infographic.

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